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When it comes to planning business growth, accounting and finance must work together to create systems that help accounting deliver relevant and accurate information.

Sadly, 88% of companies struggle with data quality (which FP&A work is largely dependent upon). Herein begins the problem.

Companies are spending too much time on data collection and validation, rather than budgeting and forecasting processes which are the drivers of high-value FP&A activities. The right people having access to the right data, when they need it, is key for future growth and securing more funding.

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FP&A success for Positive Venture Group clients is enhanced with the adoption of Prophix. We recommend this market-leading tool in conjunction with our FP&A experts for all our clients as it allows for improved data quality, and more accountability for everyone whose actions influence FP&A.

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FP&A leaders are regarded as trusted advisers across the organization to make strategic and operational decisions because, on a dime, they can insight with relevant and timely data.

With Prophix, you can pull data from multiple sources to forecast across departments – and through those same departments to a detailed level. Automating your forecasting efforts with Prophix, can provide a level of granularity you did not have previously, but also a frequency that will transform your business.


Ensuring that your calculation requirements are applied consistently.


Because you no longer have to create and maintain formulas in a spreadsheet.


Increased visibility through workflow, tracking inputs, changes and approvals.

Solutions for FP&A
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Create consistent and accurate budgets, reduce duplication, and more time for analysis. Create precise budgets with far less labor and gain a deeper understanding of what drives profitability.


Facilitate business analysis from multiple perspectives. Gain a holistic view of your organization’s performance, while satisfying specific requirements for financial and operational analysis to make informed decisions.


Prophix’s reporting and analytics provides dashboards and scorecards that capture important views of business performance at a glance.

Cash Flow Planning

Understanding financial performance along with your cash position will provide your executive team with the ability to properly time investments, ensure purchases are in alignment with organizational objectives and improve communications with your bank.

What they say about Prophix

TrustRadius Top Rated Score
Jel SertHaving all the information in one place and easily able to change your views to see the data in different structure. Ability to add unique calculations and scenarios to your budgeting process. Allocations and finding errors when processed dropped

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This short video shows how Prophix forecasting software can help you spend less time on data consolidation and more time analyzing trends. Together with Positive, Prophix forecasting helps you forecast what-if scenarios in minutes, not days. Improve accuracy with on-demand forecasting in Prophix

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