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Why work at Positive?

At Positive we know that business as usual just won’t cut it. Our culture is built on our core values of:

We Perform!;

Treat Our Client’s Business As Our Own;

Be Somebody Others Want To Work With;

and Have Fun!

We perform at the highest levels and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We offer an unparalleled career opportunity for finance professionals. Positive offers a best in breed breadth and training that finance professionals look to obtain in Accounting firms and couple that with the deep understanding of finance that can only be achieved by working in a finance function. You have the opportunity to work with some of the most exciting growth stage companies in North America while gaining a deep understanding of finance best practices and leading Cloud-based financial systems.

We’re an Ottawa-based team of motivated finance, accounting, business and accounting software professionals. We’re also a great place to grow your career. We give you the freedom to work within your abilities and lots of opportunities to keep building on the skills you’d like to improve.

Our mission is to help our growth stage clients and our people reach their full potential, but we’re not the workplace for everyone. We thrive on change, operate on trust, look to the opinions and perspectives of many, and solve problems at the rapid pace our startup clients expect.

In short, we get stuff done. If this excites you – we want you here for the ride.

If you’re impactful, ambitious, and passionate about finance and the startup culture, check out our culture below or jump straight to the open positions.

Life at Positive

Autonomy rules

We’re not here to dictate to you how to do your work. You’ve got experience now and you know how to achieve results. When you work with PVG, we’ll embrace your independence and trust you to be resourceful, solve problems as they arise, and define how you want to make an impact.

We embrace levity

Humour is our friend. We always assume the best of others, and when times are rough, a little humour goes a long way in helping cope with stress. Employees are encouraged to use humour in our workplace. Science has proven – they’re happier, healthier, and more productive so they’re good for business too!

You have true responsibility

You will have real responsibility from day one and we’ll support you in making sure that you’re able to handle the responsibilities you’re given. We promise that you will have an impact here, if you’re willing to take on a few challenges.

Learn with the best

The best financial and accounting talent chose to work with us because we provide them with a culture that helps them feel challenged and helps them hone their craft.  Join us and surround yourself with an A-class team and learn more, quickly.

Our mantra

Mantra Mountain

  Be Positive

  We perform!

  Own our clients business like our own

  Be someone people want to work with

  Have fun

Mantra Mountain Right

We are hiring!

We typically hire on fit over need, so if you think you’d be a great match for what we do here, we’d also love to hear from you. Drop us a line with your resume to and we’ll gladly get back to you.

Do your best work.

Work with the people who make Positive great.