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4 B2B Marketing Misconceptions – Debunked!

When it comes to digital B2B marketing, most people immediately think of B2C and the flashy tactics used to grab the attention of prospects. Businesses have been selling to businesses for a very long time. It’s only until recently that B2B has been taken to a whole new level with advancements in digital marketing and automation. It has become more and more difficult to stand out among the sheer volume of content that’s out there. Here are some typical B2B myths that just aren’t true. Branding is not important as it is for B2C While this may seem true, branding…

The Future of Outsourcing

The Future of Outsourcing: Executive as a Service

You’ve got a successful business. The team is in place, product is moving toward market, and now you’re looking at the runway thinking “how do I get this thing off the ground?” What you’re looking for is a boost to exponentially increase your growth potential for the coming months. It’s time to build your executive team. Enter the new Executive… Executive-as-a-Service, a fresh style of consulting practise, is the answer to many of your concerns for the growth of your tech start up. As we’ve seen in previous blog posts, accessing external resources can be a tremendous asset to your…

Define a Lead

How Do You Define a Lead?

A lead is a potential contact, individual, or organization that expresses an interest in your goods or services. Typically, the marketing department is responsible for generating these leads to pass onto the sales department to pursue and convert. Leads are important for any organization; they are what will eventually (hopefully) turn into a sale. Having a lead definition leads to the SLA (Service Level Agreement) on how soon Sales will follow up on MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads) provided to them by Marketing. If Sales doesn’t follow up on the lead soon enough, it grows stale. Subsequently, Sales will declare that…

Succeed in a Startup

How to Succeed in a Startup in 11 Steps

@c_blazquez posted this great infographic (by Anna Vital) about startups on twitter based on Paul Graham’s essay: Startups in 13 Sentences. How to Succeed in a #Startup ! #innovation #mpgvip #defstar5 #MakeYourOwnLane #GrowthHacking #marketing #startups pic.twitter.com/f5J7qLje2m — Christophe Blazquez (@c_blazquez) August 1, 2017 We thought we would provide our own take on Paul’s 13 Sentences on Start-ups. Pick good co-founders There are so many challenges that come along with starting a business. Many entrepreneurs find that they don’t have everything that is required to build their start-up by themselves. Having someone to help you along the way can be quite…

Stay-at-Home Defenseman

Searching for That Stay-At-Home Rushing Defensemen

This post is shared with permission from the author, and that we thought it was an amazing post that every startup exec should read, understand, and apply. It is late Friday afternoon and my partners and I are commiserating about our struggles to find the perfect candidates for our clients. Since wallowing in self-doubt is far less enjoyable than attributing our woes to others, we eventually agree that our clients’ specifications are the source of much of our angst. Now before you get the wrong idea, we are immensely appreciative of the work we receive and understand the desire of…

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