Philosophically Different.

Structure + Money + Acceleration = Positive Growth

Everything about our approach has a finance bias. We admit it. However, we feel that’s not only a strength but an amazing opportunity for our clients.

We understand that any investments made in growth need a tangible return-on-investment. That’s why we focus on success outcomes rather than billable hours.

Our compensation model is flexible. Our bench of experts are also includes owners and employees. The calibre of our CxO’s span multi-national organizations and multiple successful exits.

The services we deliver are solely based on driving results.

CxO Services

Are your financial constraints preventing you from hiring the talent necessary to guide your organization to the next level?

Perhaps you simply cannot attract the talent you need to grow and prosper?

Or, maybe you simply don’t have the time or resources required to mentor that next management all-star?

Don’t worry. We get it. Let us introduce you to our bench.

Our Experts Are Ready to Assist You

At Positive Venture Group we have a collection of best-in-industry executives that are available to assist you full-time, part-time, or on a per-project basis. Wherever you are in North America or Europe.

They bring a winning track record, a huge Rolodex of contacts, proven and repeatable processes, and a quick ramp-up time to the table. We not only invest our money in helping you succeed, but we also invest our people.

Your success is a direct result of the team you surround yourself with. Our CxO bench will help you achieve the outcomes and the milestones you know are necessary to succeed.

What do you need help with?


Our financial professionals will determine the most effective revenue models, overcome cash flow issues, manage your debt, stabilize volatility, and implement governance and controls including tax [and regulatory] compliance

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing professionals can develop and implement: go-to-market strategies, product launches, brand awareness, lead generation, product validation, market readiness, and increased pipeline. These people will rapidly help you increase your revenues, hit major milestones, and build a predictable and a repeatable sales and marketing process.

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Finance as a Service

Our clients typically have an amazing product or service. We wouldn’t partner with them if they didn’t.

Their intellectual property is usually the result of an amazing group of engineers and visionaries. They fervently believe in their vision and are extremely motivated to make a difference. We respect their commitment more than words can say.

Where our clients often stumble is on the operational aspects required of any growing, rapidly evolving organization.

Managing the financial books is not their strength. Doing the journal entries, preparing the spreadsheets, collecting the accounts past due, ensuring the staff are paid and the lights remain on; all of these are tasks that most entrepreneurs would love to have someone else take care of.

Let us do the heavy lifting

At Positive Venture Group we understand that these tasks are best left to those who have a passion, and a commitment, to implementing and maintaining sound financial operations.

That’s why we provide our expertise in these matters as a service.

Our people established processes and proven templates to protect you, and free you from distraction, allowing you to focus on growing your company and leading your team.

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Funding Services

Are you trying to raise money for growth or scale?

Perhaps you are shifting from a Series A to a Series B round?

Are you moving from a services focus to a product focus and need capital to facilitate the transition?

Maybe you’re tasked with turning around an underperforming company?

We’ve seen it all before. We can help.

We focus on three types of funding at Positive Venture Group:

Our own funding

Government non-dilutive funding

Public and private funding

Don’t let terms or debt hold you back

The biggest impediment of many high-growth companies is access to capital and the incremental workload associated with raising capital and being accountable to your shareholder or lender obligations.

We typically lead our funding efforts by preparing a funding roadmap aligned to the stage of your business and your plan for growth. We are experts in accessing non-dilutive funding from government programs intended to fuel economic growth and innovation. We have strong relationships with a variety of lenders, Angel groups and Venture Investors. Most importantly, we don’t only make introductions, our team actively invests money into many of our portfolio firms.

Finding the right funding is often a challenge but we have consistently helped our clients source capital when they need it, often from sources they were not aware of, and ensured they were prepared for the ongoing reporting and governance that comes with funding.

No matter the source of the investment…

The hardest part is often the preparation of the applications, the pitch decks, the financial packages and managing the process required to secure funding.

As part of our value-add, we perform a funding readiness assessment followed by creating and implementing the necessary financial documents and controls required to successfully conclude your financial transaction.

Client Testimonials

"The financial modelling that Positive Venture Group provided is among the best I’ve ever seen. It was extremely detailed and thoughtful; and was exactly what we needed to make critical business decisions."
Lindee David, CEOJoule
"I love their hands-on approach. Strategy development is great but the real value is in the support they provide executing the strategy and getting the job done. Their differentiation comes from the fact that they also invest in the companies they work with. This means their interests are aligned with ours."
Pierre-Olivier Charlebois, Founder and CEOreDock
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