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Outsource Your Finance Function to help your business grow

You run your business with an eye for growth, and having a solid understanding of your financial standing is key to executing on that strategy. At PVG FaaS, we’re here to be your ace-in-the-hole, sharing and supporting your vision. Powered by Oracle | NetSuite, the world’s #1 web-based integrated business software, our team implements and manages a streamlined, standardized, scalable finance function that gives you access to timely, clear, and accurate financial information to support your business priorities.

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Typical Growth Company Financial Challenges

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Access to Capital

Growth companies are the most attractive to investors, but those investors are hesitant to put their hard-earned capital on the line on unproven businesses. Having a vague understanding of a company’s financial state, and unreliable financial statements can amplify the hesitation and cost companies’ valuable investment.

Financial Software Doesn’t Scale

Financial software applications are made either for basic accounting functions or behemoth multinational organizations. Most growth companies are forced to migrate from system to system as they grow, leveraging a web of excel spreadsheets to bridge system gaps. This creates a substantial distraction, gaps in information and can cause countless other problems as a company scales.

Can’t Trust financial Data

We get it, you’re a busy entrepreneur and accounting isn’t something you can afford to sink a lot of time into. Inaccurate financial data is a major cause of failure for many small businesses, as they’re unable to assess their current state, access the information required for key decisions or provide appropriate information to potential investors.

Bookkeeping is not enough

Keeping track of how much money is in the bank account is great, but it doesn’t address any strategic and planning issues. Your demands for information quickly outpace the supply from traditional Bookkeeping, and this quickly becomes a drain on resources as the bookkeeper tries to bridge the gap and draws in multiple members of management.

Financial Misalignment

Large organizations benefit from substantial economies of scale in their finance organization. They can leverage the right people, process and systems for each task. Growth companies have resources in place that are both inexperienced and insufficiently qualified to help the company meet its goals. This results in expensive resources performing administrative tasks, missing key issues or missing out on strategic opportunities


At their early stages, many companies have patchworked together accounting practices, mostly staffed by employees who are also responsible for a slew of other tasks. This can lead to management distraction, missed filing deadlines, incorrect reporting, that can lead to major problems over time.

Outsourced Financial Accounting

What we do:
Your business receives best in class customer tailored process outsourcing services from our qualified team of analysts, accountants, assistant controllers and controllers, including:

Payroll Processing (Powered by ADP)

Monthly Financial Statements

Consolidation and Financial Close

Bank and Credit Card Reconcilliation

Accounts Payable / Receiveable

Outsourced Financial Accounting (Powered By Netsuite)

Benefits of outsourcing financial accounting


By outsourcing their finance function, our clients are able to maximize their resources to develop stronger products and better business practices.


PVG FaaS’ team of professionals are able to work with our clients to ensure that all financial operations meet regulatory requirements.


Our team employs both our technology platforms and the processes we’ve developed to ensure efficient processes, and provides our clients with the financial information they need when they need it, including timely monthly financial statements.


PVG FaaS is Canada’s only Netsuite BPO Solutions partner, giving our clients access to a software platform at the top of the scale for functionality and scale. Netsuite meets the needs of many large multinational organizations and can scale with your business without interruption. We are also an ADP payroll solutions provider, giving our client access to easy, accurate payroll information throughout the year.


PVG FaaS’ team has decades of combined experience in building systems and executing processes to ensure your finance function is streamlined and efficient.


PVG FaaS’ team includes Controllers, Accountants, Financial Analysts, and specialists in Accounts Payable and Receivable, and payroll. Your personalized FaaS solution gives you access to a full array of specialists dedicated to your business.

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