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Why Come Work With Us?

That’s a brilliant question, and it’s at the root of our culture. We understand that you can work for anybody. You’re a rock star. You’ve worked hard to achieve your success and you more than likely have a choice of opportunities you can pursue? So, why should you consider working for Positive Venture Group (PVG)? The answer is multi-faceted:

Employee or Contractor or Partner

What’s your preference? Do you want the security of working of a full-time job, or do you want the freedom of a contractor’s position, or do you want a stake in something bigger?

Positive Venture Group Is Growing

Positive Venture Group is Hiring


For most people who have achieved a C-Level in their career, at some point they find themselves at a crossroads. Whether it’s the result of their company being acquired, changes to the workplace dynamics, or personal reasons, you end up asking yourself “what’s next”. There is always the option of a new job, but you may not want the same challenge in a different place. You may want to pass on what you have learned to the next wave of great companies! Positive Venture Group is a way to accomplish this, within a team environment, with the leverage and assets required to make you successful! We are always growing and looking for new Partners to join our network, regardless of geography or functional expertise. If you are a former C-Level executive that wants to work with exciting early stage companies, this is the place for you!


Employees appreciate the security and loyalty of being part of a fast-growing, influential management consulting firm. Being part of a talented team, with defined roles, predictable schedules, and distributed responsibility ensures the work and life balance they seek. On top of all of this, employees benefit from an amazing work environment located in the city’s next up-and-coming neighbourhood surrounded by an eclectic mix of stores, restaurants and boutique shops. Located on major public transportation routes with quick and easy access to the highway, getting to the office is fast and easy. Of course, employees can also work at home as required. Positive Venture Group cares about outcomes and results and rewards those whose success leads to our continued growth and expansion.


Contractors appreciate the ongoing and predictable revenue that PVG provides. They have access to the region’s most innovative companies. They have a direct, demonstrable impact on each client’s success. Beyond expanding their professional network with influential employers, contractors get to associate their personal brand with those of our clients. Contractors enjoy the support of talented project teams comprised of world-class practitioners and transformational projects. What contractor couldn’t benefit from having a team like Positive building them a base of paying engagements while enjoying prompt payment for services delivered? That’s what Positive Venture Group contractors enjoy.

Benefits and Perks

Cool Technology

Like a professional athlete, you’re only as good as your gear. That’s why our staff is equipped with the latest technology and productivity tools.

Competitive Salary

Your experience deserves a salary that reflects your accomplishments. It’s about respect. We understand that. We feel the same way.

Generous Holidays and Travel Perks

Work hard. Play hard. Love life. It’s a mantra we firmly embrace. It’s good for you and it’s good for us. That’s why we offer very competitive vacation allowances.

Work/Life Balance

We get it. Life gets in the way sometimes. There are days when you need to work from home. No worries. We’re focused on results, not on taking attendance.

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